Delivering habitable sculpture is best done using the following methodologies:

Design + Build.     Design + Build is a Project Delivery System where design and construction are performed by a single entity in contrast to "design-bid-build.”  Design + Build minimizes project risk, and accelerates the delivery of the project by overlapping the design phase with construction. Design + Build is the modern expression of the classical "master builder" approach, with a 4,000 year history of delivery and performance. By contrast, the so-called “traditional” form of "design-bid-build”  is a recent concept created by lawyers over the last 150 years.

Value Engineering.     Although more of an art than a science, Design + Build integrates Value Engineering to improve the overall quality while minimizing time and expense.

Pre-construction.     “When the dirt is right, the job is right.” Pre-construction planning includes logistics, critical path scheduling, design management, government relations and entitlements, and "constructability" analysis.

Resources.     Construction is a custom manufacturing process. As such, the delivery of information becomes the critical process for quality performance that includes change orders, subcontractor bidding /contract preparation, off-site manufacturing, on-site assembly, quality control, close out and transfer.

Subcontracting.   Although Deming focused on process, it's the people and the process. General contracting is a fiduciary process insuring that subcontractors perform their services on time and within budget. Subcontractor performance is monitored to address safety, workmanship, diligence, scheduling, and professionalism.

Document Tracking.   It's best to manage projects "open book," where information is transparent.

Arek Fressadi is a licensed General Contractor in California, B-297975 (inactive).

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